$600M iGaming Platform Integrates Binance Listed FUN Token

FreeBitco.in, one of the largest Bitcoin gaming websites that is also considered the seventh largest online casino, has announced the launch of the FUN token to launch the premium membership program, which is set to go live on March 15, 2021. FreeBitco.in offers its users and investors the opportunity to benefit from a “gift that always gives”, the FUN token.

FreeBitco.in users can now purchase FUN tokens and receive up to 1% cashback on BTC and betting page wagers on the platform by holding up to 1%. In addition, they will receive up to 16 wheels of fortune per day which they can use to win a Rolex, iPhone 12 Pro Max, $ 15,000 BTC, and more. Apart from these advantages, FUN token holders on FreeBitco.in who are already entitled to earn 4.08% interest on the BTC balance in their respective accounts receive an additional 25% interest as a participant in the premium program.

What does it mean for FUN tokens?

The FUN token is the native ERC20 digital token of the FunFair gaming ecosystem, designed for use on online gambling platforms to place bets, make in-app purchases for games and even reward the developers. With the launch of FreeBitco.in, FUN will be exposed to over 40 million users of the iGaming platform with annual sales of $ 600 million, potentially leading to a significant increase in demand for the token. These users can be expected to purchase and keep the FUN tokens for a longer period of time thanks to the benefits that the Premium Membership Program offers token holders.

The increased demand and decrease in the issuance of tokens can ultimately add to the value of FUN, making it an option worth considering for crypto investors.

FreeBitco.in gets the ball rolling with its premium membership program

FreeBitco.in is scheduled to start on March 15th and has already opened FUN tokens for sale on its website. At this point in time, registered users of the FUN platform can purchase the BTC credit available in their FreeBitco.in accounts. Alternatively, users can also buy FUN on any of the listed exchanges or trading platforms including Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Uniswap (V2) and Changelly.

In order to take advantage of the FreeBitco.in Premium Membership Program at launch, users should have held FUN for at least 30 days. Once the program goes live, users will be able to make additional deposits, withdraw and even sell the FUN tokens on FreeBitco.in.