Akoin rolled out in $2B medical metropolis in Kenya


Akoin (AKN), the crypto project developed by the Senegalese-American singer Akon, has completed the pilot rollout phase of its deployment at the Mwale Medical and Technology City complex in Kenya.

As already reported by Cointelegraph, the test phase started in November 2020 at the time of the AKN listing on the Bittrex crypto exchange.

Following the success of the first pilot, Akoin crypto is now ready for full deployment in the $ 2 billion complex in July.

Akoin President and Co-Founder Jon Karas commented on the success of the pilot and announced that the roll-out was “received with great enthusiasm”.

When fully deployed, AKN will reportedly be available for adoption by 5,000 hospital workers, 2,000 merchants and over 35,000 residents of the MMTC. Overall, the Akoin team estimates that over $ 5 million in transactions with AKN tokens will come from the facility.

According to the announcement, AKN utilization should increase to cover the estimated 20,000 MMTC employees expected by December 2021. By the end of 2022, the Akoin team will be the facility’s exclusive digital currency, according to AKN, handling transactions between $ 1.7 billion and $ 2 billion per year.

As part of the planned Akoin exclusivity within the complex, workers and residents can receive their salaries in AKN. The token is also used for microtransactions, peer-to-peer money transfers and top-ups for mobile airtime, among other things.

“Akoin and @BaanxGroup are working in partnership to secure the future of digital asset payments. The Baanx platform will allow # Akoin users to spend AKN in the global economy.”

– Lynn Liss, Co-Founder and COO of Akoin

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– Akoin.io (@AkoinOfficial) February 18, 2021

As part of the project, the Akoin team reportedly released a physical card tied to the AKN wallet, allowing users to conduct transactions on 40 million global merchant platforms.

For Lynn Liss, co-founder of Akoin, the project plans to use the lessons learned from the use of AKN in the MMTC as a blueprint for scaling the introduction of the token across the continent.

In fact, Akoin is the planned official currency of the futuristic city of Akon currently under construction in Senegal. The Akon Foundation is also developing a blockchain incubator at the MMTC.