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The Decentralized Finance Room (DeFi) may not be new, but it has seen massive growth of over $ 37 billion. As a result, the sector received a lot of attention, which in turn led the industry to uncover several shortcomings. As a result, many projects have continually emerged to address these issues. While the projects are working at record pace to address these challenges, the industry still has a lot to upgrade.

Enhance the DeFi experience

Intervening to correct one of DeFi’s shortcomings is CyberFi, a startup looking to provide smart trading and enhanced automation to make DeFi easy to use. The project is a new generation of intelligent trading and automation platform (ITAP). It is described as a multi-product ecosystem that includes automation products to enhance the DeFi experience.

CyberFi is the first of its kind to target a void in DeFi trading by addressing a wide variety of issues including high fees, specific onboarding barriers, divergence, and poor user experiences.

It combines a decentralized trading platform, an intelligent automation system for complex DeFi strategies and a cross-chain layer to support DeFi automation. By combining these features, the platform eliminates manual processes in DeFi applications that lead to gas wars, fee overpayment, stress and frustration, and the constant need to be on Uniswap.

Benefits of Using CyberFi

By using CyberFi, traders get the functionality of central exchanges on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and liquidity pools. For example, the platform offers automatic order execution based on price divergence indicators (PDI) and the best commercial value (BTV). While trading DEXes based on liquidity pools requires manual interaction for a trader to enter or exit a position, CyberFi’s price divergence indicators available through oracles allow traders to take advantage of automatic order execution.

This functionality is currently available in Uniswap and has an update rate of 40 to 60 seconds. However, CyberFi is working on an upgrade that will handle live price feeds with 10-30 seconds of latency from multiple exchanges. This iteration uses a BTV concept that automatically determines the best prices and the lowest available fees. In this way, the system provides traders with a stress-free experience by minimizing the manual processes they have to perform to trade DEXs.

CyberFi is also leveraging PDI Change Speed ​​(PDICS) to provide traders with tools to mitigate risk for volatile assets. This feature enables traders to set trading limits based on price or percentage losses against time for specific tokens. In addition, the platform is working with the community and renowned DeFi players to improve the data analysis models currently available.

CFI token

The CyberFi ecosystem has a native token called a CFI token. It is mainly used to cover trading fees on the platform. CFI also offers lower commissions and access to unique products. In addition, CyberFi users can use CFI to pay for multiple chain operations. CyberFi does not charge any CFI fees for itself. Instead, the company will redistribute 80% of the funds to the community in order to secure liquidity and increase the value of the token. The remaining 20% ​​serve as a source of income for the ecosystem.

CFI has a total supply of 2.4 million coins. CyberFi figured out how to distribute the coins and noted that 800,000 CFI will be used on the Alpha and Cyber ​​rounds, unlocking 20% ​​of that value for the first week and then unlocking 10% of the remaining amount weekly. The project would then offer 500,000 CFIs to strategic partners with a six month lock-up period. 300,000 CFI would then go into development. Another 300,000 would be used for community and marketing growth. Of the remaining 500,000 CFI, the project would provide 250,000 CFI to fund the liquidity team, 200,000 CFI for LP and engagement awards, and 50,000 CFI for the Transaction Mining program.

Strategic partnership

To improve the platform, CyberFi has teamed up with leading players in the crypto and DeFi space. One of the notable partnerships on the investment side is a bond with the Ferrum Networkaiming to develop a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem to remove barriers to mass adoption. That deal included creating a solution that would provide automatic staking and improved earning opportunities for users.

On the infrastructure page CyberFi Partnership with DEXTools to bring accurate, low-latency Uniswap data to the CyberFi platform. It’s a partnership that helps users get the most out of CyberFi’s automation through updated trading data to inform automated investment strategies. CyberFi has started to cater to the trading volume that these automated trades are likely to drive Integration of the Matic network in his platform. This brings cheaper and more efficient Layer 2 transaction functionality, lowers costs and increases efficiency.

CyberFi announced this as well Integrated oracle services from ChainlinkThis gives platform users access to their best price feeds in the industry. When this is in place, CyberFi users can rest assured that they are making decisions based on fair market values ​​that are resistant to external manipulation. And because Chainlink offers unassailable reliability and security, there is never any risk that CyberFi users will lose access to this data or question its accuracy.

A public beta start

The development of the CyberFi platform has so far exceeded the expectations of both developers and early adopters. Things went so quickly that the platform announced it A public beta opens on January 27th. The public beta includes the wide availability of automation for liquidity pool management and limit order management.

The liquidity pool automation beta currently includes four types of smart orders. The system enables users to create triggers to control the addition and removal of liquidity, as well as to automatically sell certain liquidity pool assets and terminate mining programs. This gives users maximum flexibility in controlling their liquidity pool participation without having to babysit their holdings.

With regard to the automation of limit orders, the beta contains functions for processing standard limit orders as well as limit orders. However, both functions take advantage of single TX order flows that save gas fees and prevent front-run investment attacks. CyberFi has achieved this through the innovative use of off-chain transaction storage. Transactions were pre-authorized and stored privately until an execution event was triggered.

All in all, it’s an exciting time to get into CyberFi. And as industrial partners continue to come on board and the platform is developing rapidly, things will only get better from here. An entirely new era in DeFi is born – where users have ultimate control, flexibility and ease of use at their fingertips.

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