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A Bitcoin (BTC) strategist and investor continues to be skeptical of the Ethereum Protocol and regards it as an “unfinished product”. Lyn Alden, a consultant for the average dollar BTC investment app Swan Bitcoin, believes the network lacks a concrete model “other than just speculation.”

Alden prefers the modular design of Bitcoin from a technical point of view

In a blog post on her personal website, Alden pointed out that the Ethereum Protocol is an unfinished product, “at the base layer, with a previously more circular use case that has been about trading, providing liquidity, and gamifying Altcoins turns ”.

Before delving into the analysis of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, she made it clear that her views come from the perspective of an investor.

From a technical point of view, Lyn Alden prefers the modular structure of Bitcoin to that of Ethereum. She gave the following reasons:

The base layer is simple and stable and almost bulletproof. Additionally, the ecosystem can be innovative, and while it may not move as fast as some people prefer, it is moving in the direction the market wants. This is how the existing financial system works; There are underlying processing layers and then faster payment layers on these base layers.

Ethereum is still an “experimental” project

On the flip side, the Bitcoin investor says that many design aspects of Ethereum 2.0 are “smart and it is clear that a lot has been thought about”. However, she still believes there is a lot of speculation about “how much the demand will be for it, how well it will work, and how safe it will be to sustain itself”.

Alden added:

They are changing many of the things about the protocol that made it priced successfully in the first five years of its life to remove the current limitations that threaten the functionality of the network.

She also made it clear that investors should be aware that Ethereum is still in alpha development. Alden predicts that Ethereum 2.0 could be rolled out in another five years. Until then, Ethereum should be viewed as “experimental”.

What do you think of Alden’s thoughts on the Ethereum protocol? Let us know in the comments below.

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