At the turning point of AI development, what can Connectome bring to the blockchain?

With the rapid development of OpenAI, the AI industry has once again appeared in public. The current self-learning capability of AI has been able to bring strong support to mankind.

For example, OpenAI’s ChatGPT allows AI to receive user feedback in real time and obtain answers that satisfy humans through multiple demand dialogues.

Connectome has been exploring the development of AI and blockchain technology, and we have focused on the research and development of AI before entering the crypto world.

In such a complicated crypto world, the wide variety of projects prevents people from concentrating and accurately evaluating the pros and cons of projects, thereby reducing the conversion rate of user investment. Thus, Connectcome conducts multiple data analysis on various projects through the intelligent analysis of AI, and proposes investment suggestions based on the needs of user feedback. ​​In this process, users can choose investment targets and pay corresponding service fees.

In the future, we will add our project tokens to settle and pay service fees. Connectome solves multiple investment sore points for users through AI and blockchain, such as: 1. Complicated project analysis work; 2. Difficult data analysis of investment income ratio; 3. Project investment risk assessment, etc.

The intelligent investment advisory platform has now entered a critical development stage, and the team is also considering using the existing VHA (Virtual Human Agent) interactive function, accessing OpenAI’s API and using Instrust GPT to strengthen VHA’s self-learning ability and improve Connectome’s skills of analyze.

About Connectome

Connectome is a DeFi Artificial Intelligence Robo-Advisor platform developed based on the core technology of the blockchain. It supports on-chain transactions and AI evaluation of decentralized financial (DeFi) derivatives, liquidity mining, one-click Robo-Advisor, smart customer service, etc. Through big data multi-dimensional analysis and AI model deduction, it provides users with one-click, customized Robo-Advisor services, and a full range of blockchain solutions for issuers of financial derivatives and investors.

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