Bison Trails launches staking and node services for Cosmos


Blockchain infrastructure company BisonTrails has launched support for the Cosmos ecosystem so that its customers can stake out and run nodes for the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem.

BIson Trails offers services to simplify participation in blockchains, e.g. B. Staking out and running complete nodes. The company’s customers include custodian banks, stock exchanges and funds. Bison also supports Web 3.0 applications when connecting to blockchain data. The company partnered with Coinbase in January to provide services under the umbrella of the US exchange.

Bison’s customers can now use the company’s infrastructure to stake out and delegate their tokens using “participation clusters”. In doing so, they can earn transaction fees and rewards while securing the Cosmos network.

Bison’s participation clusters have two components to improve security: Validator Nodes, which are hosted on a private network, and “Guard Nodes”, which interface between these Validator Nodes and the public blockchain network. The clusters are deployed using remote hardware security modules to ensure that the auditors’ private keys do not interact with the public Internet. The announcement said:

“The participation clusters themselves are designed to withstand attacks. The guard nodes act as a protective layer for the validation nodes, so they can remain hidden from the public internet and private, and reduce the risk of DDoS and RAS attacks. “

Bison Trails will also offer multiple node services, including full QT nodes, archive nodes, and support for light clients.

Cosmos encompasses a decentralized ecosystem of parallel block chains based on Cosmos’ open source Tendermint protocol that facilitates intercommunication between the parallel chains.

Last month, Cosmos introduced the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC, Stargate) to facilitate interoperability between the blockchains created using Cosmos software development and other blockchain networks.

In anticipation of Stargate’s February release, Cosmos’ ATOM token rose to a new all-time high above $ 10 before rising to $ 26 when the log went live on February 18. ATOM has since retraced nearly 30% to currently trading $ 18.50.