Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption, development, and participation continue to spread as there’s been a myriad of BCH-related announcements in the last few weeks. Moreover, there’s now over 18 million bitcoin cash in circulation and only three million coins left to mine.

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Bitcoin Cash Adoption and Announcements

The last few weeks have seen a variety of new adoption stories, software development, and new platforms that utilize BCH. Proponents of the decentralized cryptocurrency have been relentlessly pushing for mass adoption while showing a strong dedication toward scaling. Right now the price of bitcoin cash is hovering between $210-230 after most digital assets dropped a few percentages in value last week.

Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments
Coin Dance BCH statistics in comparison to BTC.

According to Coin Dance statistics, it is 489x more expensive to transact on the BTC chain in comparison to using the BCH network. Additionally, at the time of publication it is currently 3.5% more profitable to mine on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. BCH fans have also witnessed the 18 millionth coin mined on the chain and there’s now only three million BCH left to mine. The fact that there are so few left makes bitcoin cash scarce and far superior to the fiat currencies that can be printed on a whim.’s Developer Portal

On October 10, the website announced it is launching a developer portal so programmers can utilize tools to develop and build on BCH. “Create amazing apps with Bitcoin Cash with resources for developers, by developers,” the website explains. The developer portal has tools like Python and Javascript libraries, vocabulary and associated APIs for Bitcoin Cash, the Badger Wallet software development kit (SDK), and an SLP SDK. The portal gives blockchain engineers the means to create infrastructure and third-party services for the BCH chain.

Bitcoin ABC Version 0.20.4 and the November 15 Upgrade

Six days later, the Bitcoin ABC development team released Bitcoin ABC version 0.20.4. The latest client release provides users with a new ‘createwallet` RPC command, bug fixes, and more. The 0.20.4 version is available to download now for a variety of operating systems. In addition to the recent release, BCH developers from across multiple clients are preparing for the forthcoming November upgrade. BCH engineers plan to implement two new features: Schnorr support for OP_Checkmultisig and enforcing Minimaldata in script, otherwise known as the “Minimaldata” rule.

Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments

Telefuel Accepts Bitcoin Cash

A new unofficial platform for the Telegram messaging application Telefuel has announced the firm is now accepting bitcoin cash payments for its premium-tier services. Telefuel is an application for Telegram power users who can leverage the platform for coworking, collaboration, and productivity offerings. For instance, with Telefuel users can access Slack-like services that can support individual and group workflows. Features include chat folders, workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, unread mention filters, and split tabs for DMs, groups, bots, and channels.

Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments

“We’re building Telefuel to serve power users on Telegram, so crypto-industry professionals are obviously an important focus for us,” Telefuel co-founder Alan VanToai detailed. “Bitcoin Cash is an important pillar in the industry, so we’re happy to include BCH among the currencies we’re accepting for Telefuel Pro.”

Visual Recognition Engine Visionati Accepts Bitcoin Cash for Services

Another service that now accepts BCH is Visionati, a visual recognition engine that leverages artificial intelligence (AI). Visionati believes it’s the “most robust computer vision API on the market” by offering advanced algorithms and data. Users can harness the platform to interact with image and video metadata. Services offered include image and video analysis so people can make images and films searchable with the ability to filter as well. This includes automatic tagging, NSFW filtering, facial recognition, logo detection, color analysis, and optical character recognition. For services, Visionati accepts BCH, ETH, and BTC. The startup believes it is one of the first visual recognition products enhanced by AI that accepts digital assets.

Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments
Visionati.’s Tournament Feature

A new feature is available at for users who want to play poker for BCH, BTC, or BSV. Users can simply log in and sit down for a game or they can create their own tournament on the platform with the added functionality. The site’s owners recently revealed the poker platform’s tournament update on Twitter, explaining: “You can now earn bitcoin by creating your own sponsored tournaments on Create a tournament by clicking the “+” button at the bottom of the tournament lobby.”

Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments

This morning a few players announced on the Reddit forum r/btc a 0.5 BCH guaranteed prize pool tournament on the web portal. BCH fans seemed to enjoy the poker site’s announcement and one person remarked: “Keep up the great work guys — I’m convinced this is going to be huge once the key features you described here are implemented. The reputation system should mitigate a good portion of the risk of cheaters if done right.”

Upcoming Consensus Changes and the Road Forward

Overall there’s been a lot happening within the BCH ecosystem and passionate Bitcoin Cash proponents continue to truck forward. Bitcoin Cash miners, businesses, and node operators are also preparing for the consensus changes coming November 15. The upgrade is a touch over two weeks away and according to developers, the added features will continue to bolster the BCH roadmap going forward.

What do you think about all the Bitcoin Cash developments and adoption stories? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Bitcoin ABC,, Telefuel, Visionati, Coin Dance, and Twitter.

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