Bitcoin has become nothing but the new Che Guevara T-shirt

The wonder of the universe is that it is always in motion and therefore everything changes over time. Tomorrow everything can be something completely different – no guarantee.

Karl Marx expressed this brilliantly with the sentence “Everything that is solid melts in the air”. The same thing happened to Bitcoin (BTC), which has seen changes over the years, and a Cypherpunk idea has turned into a simple Che Guevara t-shirt.

Be your own bank

The following words, published by Eric Hughes in “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto”, were the great guidance of the developers in creating e-cash or electronic money that was universal, private and without control:

“We, the Cypherpunks, are dedicated to building anonymous systems. We defend our privacy with cryptography, anonymous mail forwarding systems, digital signatures and electronic money. “

From this idea came Bitcoin, a decentralized money that is geared towards privacy and for which everyone should be their own bank.

“Chancellor on the verge of a second bailout for banks”: This sentence from The Times is even recorded forever in the Genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain. However, time has changed Bitcoin, and from a limited circle of cryptographers, BTC has conquered the world, arriving at the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, G-20 and G-8. Who knows – before the moon he can reach Mars.

When Bitcoin changed, so did the ideas behind it. The desire for privacy gave way to “the moon” and the fruit of a manifesto became just another product of what we wanted to “fight”.

Just the next all-time high

Instead of using the phrases “involve people without bank details” and “being your own bank”, today we are celebrating that large traditional banks are promoting Bitcoin custody services. Instead of privacy, we’re rushing to take selfies with documents to find higher limits on trades, leverage, options, and futures. We are excited that billionaire funds and large corporations and corporations are buying as much bitcoin as they can and we believe they are now bitcoins too.

There is a phrase in politics that says that when you have done something so good and wonderful to change the world that even your opponents applaud you, it means that you did everything wrong.

We salute the big capitalists – those who were bailed out by the governments, those who caused the economic crises, and the same banks that spit in our faces. We are excited today to sit next to them and sell them our Bitcoin because we believe they love us.

We celebrate that countries create “regulations” for Bitcoin and stress that it brings “security” to the crypto industry, and we are “proud” to see that the largest companies in the market are working with government agencies to keep hackers and malicious individuals ” to uncover “agents.

Many big players are ashamed to say that Bitcoin is used by hackers and they forget the history of BTC and its main goal: to be anonymous money.

We accept giving up our privacy to sit at the table with those we are constantly criticizing, thinking that they really love us when they are actually just looking for profit.

The revolution that never came

Stamping “Fiat sucks” on dollar bills is like an “independent” teenager who chooses to live alone but whose parents pay rent, buy food and do laundry. What matters is the dollar value that Bitcoin will break – $ 30,000, $ 50,000, $ 100,000 or $ 300,000 – inventory and flow … to the moon.

“Fiat sucks,” but the more Bitcoin is worth in US dollars, the better. Ultimately, it is crucial that 1 bitcoin always corresponds to 1 bitcoin. It matters how much I bought and how much I want to sell in order to buy more.

We went so far as to find “stupid” people who would trade bitcoin for pizza or act like Sirius who sold 5,000 BTC to create the first bitcoin exchange. Hold, hold and hold so that it’s always worth more – I just heard that.

Collect, accumulate, accumulate and accumulate more and more value in Bitcoin. After all, it is the “digital gold” and the “reserve of value” of a new era. But the new normal is nothing but the old normal with a new face.

Wale went from names like “Joe007” to Paul Tudor Jones, MassMutual, MicroStrategy and other “institutional” investors – the same ones the government bailed out when bankruptcy approaches.

I do not mind. After all, “Lamborghini” and “Bitcoin Lifestyle” were already part of that market, and the world, like all things, is changing.

I’m happy to buy my bitcoin, just like I buy a Che Guevara t-shirt and light a cigarette. I believe that I am “fighting” the system while waiting for my mother to bring me dinner.

To the moon. Or rather “to Mars” in Elon Musk style.

This article does not contain any investment recommendations or recommendations. Every step of investing and trading involves risk and readers should conduct their own research in making their decision.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed here are the sole rights of the author and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of Cointelegraph.

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