Bitcoin, Ripple, & Ethereum – Asian Wrap 19 Jun

Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC/USD keeps dropping as mining difficulty surges drastically. Alarm bells ringing for miners?

Bitcoin’s difficulty, a metric that measures the degree of difficulty of mining new blocks in the network, has made the most significant jump in a little over two years. As per, the jump happened on block height 635,040, with the network adjusting its difficulty level to 15.78 trillion.


Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD faces strong resistance levels up from

XRP/USD dropped from $0.1898 to $10.883 in the early hours of Friday. There is a lack of healthy support levels in the daily confluence detector. However, strong resistance lies at $0.19, which has the 15-min SMA 5, one-hour SMA 5, one-hour SMA 10, 15-min Bollinger Band middle curve, one-day, one-week and one-month Fibonacci 23.6% retracement levels.



Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD drops below the upward trending line following bearish price action

ETH/USD bears remained in control of the market for the second straight day as the price dipped from $233.77 to $230.20. The price dropped below the upward trending line, while still hovering between the SMA 20 and SMA 50 curves. 

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