Botton Starts A New Business Future

The Pain Point of the Old Business System

Business is the economic activity of circulating commodities by buying and selling. There are four key elements: first, products and services are good; Second, the cost is low; Third, the efficiency is high; Fourth, the spread is fast and wide.


Whether it’s the age of the steam engine or the age of electric, the age of the Internet, or even the current age of intelligence, all it does is make these four elements can do better. However, business organizations in the past often developed rapidly at the beginning, and soon stagnated or even retreated to the original business form, revealing a lot of problems, for example:


  1. The overall situation presents the trend of “low efficiency and high cost”
  2. Information asymmetry of the old business system
  3. Enterprise information island
  4. It is difficult to distinguish the true and false commodities, the cost that users safeguard their rights is high
  5. Monopoly of magnates, it’s difficult and expensive in financing for small and medium-sized enterprises
  6. Complicated global trade process and low transaction efficiency

And so on.


Blockchain Empowers Business

Based on decentralization, tamper-resistant of information, encryption security, globality, anonymity, openness, autonomy and other features of blockchain, it will bring subversive changes to global business. First it is to reduce the cost of trust greatly, it can organize various business activity alliance of cross-boundary, cross-regional and cross-business form; Second it is to realize the transmission of value, so that various business equities in the global business can be transferred and exchanged as needed; Third it is to reduce the cost of data exchange and guarantee the ownership equity of data, which will greatly reduce the obstacles of sharing and exchanging data among each business organizations and realize the unbounded ideal in business operation.


Botton, A New Blockchain Business System

Botton is defined as a globally distributed self-consistent business system. It is dedicated to build a co-building, sharing, all-involving, and mutual-benefiting business environment with traceable supply chain, quantifiable credit, open and transparent data, and integrated scenarios of crowd-funding, investment, consumption, membership service, and targeted advertisement. Botton aims at conducting organizational management, functional division, trust building, value exchange through pre-set transparent rules, and create a community of business interests with multiple peer positions and reshape the world business system.


Botton will build a comprehensive business platform system that integrates miners, investors, merchants, consumers, and communicators. BOC (Botton Coin) will be the proof of equity in the ecosystem. The miners will be maintaining the rapid operation of the entire system and receive corresponding BOC rewards; investors invest the idle funds in the form of BOC to the quality projects; consumers consume BOC to obtain corresponding goods and services from merchants; communicators promote the Botton business system to more audience and get BOC rewards; merchants use BOC to improve the business system and expand the business scales, Those who join the Botton Blockchain Business System first will definitely be the leader in the industry, and build controlling power and core competitiveness based on Botton’s resources and technology.


Five core concepts of Botton blockchain business system : connection, value, experience, sharing and win-win environment.


Future Planning of Botton

In the blockchain world, any project with a good vision and into action must have a perfect ecology.


In fact, ecology is the reflection of the vision. Whether a project can form an active, healthy and sustainable development ecology that conforms to its own philosophy and vision is exactly the sign of whether a project is successful.


In Botton, the infrastructure construction, the operation of economic system and governance system, and the construction of ecological application surrounding by the vision of business prosperity will eventually form a prosperous, rich but interesting Botton ecology as never before.


After the maturity of the Botton ecology, Botton will be able to perpetuate and develop in a way of decentralized, autonomous and stable, providing wealth growth and basic guarantee for all Botton members, and extending Botton to the world and benefiting all mankind.


To achieve this goal, Botton has planned three stages of ecological construction:

  • Ecology start-up stage
  • Application construction stage
  • Ecology maturity stage


In the future, Botton community will become totally autonomous, and all members decide the future of Botton together, making Botton a self-operating, long-lasting and sustainable business land.


When the Botton infrastructure, economic system and governing regulations get mature, Botton will start building other decentralized applications, such as Botton shopping mall, Botton business info platform, blockchain crowd-funding platform, blockchain business insurance, blockchain business lending, Botton lightening payment, Botton investing funds, Botton-based anti-counterfeiting and tracing system, credit investigation system, stock management system, etc, in order to build an all-inclusive, prosperous, and vibrant Botton ecosystem, push the development of Botton, and make Botton a business paradise that benefits the human society.


During the design, construction and development process of Botton, the core principles of freedom, equality, and democracy have been followed and implemented, in addition, Botton is committed to generate steady flow of wealth, provide new business system and bring financial & spiritual freedom to its users.



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