Decentralized esports tournament series looks to bring traditional gamers to crypto


Non-fungible token-focused investment firm Polyient Games is launching a new online tournament to introduce mainstream gamers to the crypto space.

In an announcement today, Polyient Games announced that it will partner with esports tournament platform Community Gaming for a $ 100,000 series of games using non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The esports games are intended to “serve as a method to introduce mainstream gamers to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets” by allowing gamers to purchase digital collectibles and use NFTs as in-game items.

“The connection between decentralized technology and games will be one of the most important topics of the next decade,” said Craig Russo, co-founder of Polyient Games. “Our collaboration with Community Gaming on this brand new decentralized tournament series is an important step in promoting mainstream acceptance of this new industry.”

In addition to esports games, the tournament will reportedly feature blockchain games, including the trading and fighting game Axie Infinity and the Ethereum-based digital trading card game SkyWeaver. According to reports, all games will use the decentralized exchange of Polyient Games for game currencies.

The first event of the $ 100,000 tournament begins on March 29th. Prizes are paid in US dollars and Polyient Games’ native token, PGU.