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A decentralized financial protocol (Defi) announced that it has officially acquired an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) listing platform. Jigstack, who bought icorating.com, will migrate all of the platform’s resources to the Lemonade solution.

Jigstack ‘Direct Email Database on Icorating.com

According to the announcement, Defi-Protokoll, which acts as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), bought the website in an effort to improve the Lemonade multi-chain token launch solution.

Robert Weir, COO of Jigstack, told news.Bitcoin.com that the icorating.com acquisition is a “commercial trifecta for lemonade” as they have “commercially relevant data, a database of over 30,000 active crypto investors.” In fact, they are trying to raise awareness of projects launched through Lemonade.

In Lemonade, anyone can create a token sale in minutes, including adjusting token lockout sequences, lockout periods, and all token distribution logistics, Weir added.

For projects started on Lemonade, Jigstack COO commented:

You are now immediately exposed to over 30,000 investors on Twitter and our direct email database, as well as user traffic on the Icorating website.

Partnership with Ethereum Startup Polygon

According to the fees offered after the integration in the Launchpad, the company charges a flat fee of 1% for the tokens, a marketing premium of 0.5% and a share of 1% for the tokens for the network vault.

Weir added:

We have just acquired one of the most comprehensive data sets in the crypto space for the Lemonade platform. Especially relevant for crypto-based fundraising and the investment space. Icorating.com has been one of the largest providers in the field of crypto fundraising since 2016. For investors, we have now significantly improved our digital footprint and added tens of thousands of new investors to the Lemonade and Jigstack network overnight.

Recently, Jigstack partnered with Polygon – formerly Matic Network – to cut gas fees and improve the performance of the Ethereum Defi ecosystem.

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