KuCoin to become the third major exchange to list Blockstack’s tokens


Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has entered into an agreement with

Blockstack PBC,KuCoin will list Stacks (STX) token in the coming weeks.


STX is used to register digital assets on the Blockstack blockchain. They are consumed when users register or utilize the something on Blockstack, much like ETH is spent when operating on the ethereum network.


KuCoin will be the third exchange to list STX. According to Blockstack’s website, it is very helpful to expand global access to the Stacks (STX) token, especially in Asia and other active KuCoin markets.


KuCoin represents a diverse community of crypto enthusiasts that  Blockstack expect to have easy access to Stacks .Blockstack are excited about the continued progress towards decentralization for the Blockstack ecosystem, as the governance, operation and token ownership of the network continue to expand.