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There is no denying that the real estate sector is ripe for a major transformation. There are high admission prices for tickets, which significantly hinder comprehensive inclusion in this segment. The LABS Group has been given the opportunity to innovate and introduced an ecosystem built on blockchain technology that makes real estate infinitely more liquid, more inclusive and more accessible for investment. Those who believe that investing in offshore real estate through a REIT is not within their options can now invest in international real estate of their choice through LABS tokens. LABS has already seen massive interest from VCs, investment firms and regular users, and has already raised over $ 2 million in funds through their NFT auction. Below are some of the reasons why LABS is superior to all other current real estate investment options.

Why should anyone invest in LABS?

In order to design real estate portfolios comprehensively across all income groups and nationalities, the LABS Group has introduced a concept for partial investments that benefits the users. With this new framework, anyone can get involved in the purchase of real estate at various premier locations around the world for as little as 100 US dollars. However, if you need to invest a few thousand dollars, you can diversify your real estate investments through the LABS token for a higher return worldwide. What was previously only possible via REITs with high entry prices, the LABS Group has reduced to a fraction of the costs in order to achieve more inclusiveness for everyone. In addition, the LABS IDO will bring a number of other benefits for its investors and early adopters.

How early adopters benefit from it

The IDO of the LABS Group will be started on March 15, 2020 at 10.30 a.m. Everyone can use their ETH in the MANTRA DAO deployment pool and request the LABS LP token after the start. These LP tokens will be used to participate in a raffle where token holders can win a luxury resort in Thailand, iPhone 12 Pro or Home Pode Minis. Additionally, real estate hotel property winners can rent or rent their property to generate profits from tenants, adding to the value of this already amazing prize. Given that LABS Group has already worked with Bitmart, Oriental Pearls, Black Manta, Centrifuge and Enjin, these leading names in the blockchain space have instilled further confidence in this real estate token project. Working with some of the best-known networks in distributed ledger technology, LABS is preparing to launch a platform that can fundamentally change the way the real estate investment industry sees it.