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PRESS RELEASE. While Ethereum has given way to a brave new world of decentralized financial applications that are completely permissive, accessible and groundbreaking in many ways. However, this has been done experimentally and at a high cost. Ethereum provides a foundation on which these decentralized applications can be built, but is not ready for global distribution.

Simple transactions on the Ethereum network can cost up to $ 10, and interacting with smart contracts can be many times more expensive. While Ethereum’s undeniable success has allowed it to build a powerful DeFi community, the volume in both decentralized trading and total value (which is currently nearly $ 40 billion) is massive. However, the infrastructure is not ready for widespread use. When the grid is busy, congestion will result in the space competition being blocked, resulting in standard gas charges.

That’s where NEXT.chain Building on the shoulders of giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin, NEXT.chain has used the best of both worlds to create a DeFi-enabled chain that can be used by businesses and typical users alike for all of their decentralized financial needs. From trading without permission to the decentralized issuance of assets (with just a few clicks of the mouse) to the creation of DAOs or NFTs.

Why NEXT.chain is the next big thing in DeFi

What distinguishes NEXT.chain from its competitors? Well, the project leverages a decade of well-known and tested technology that builds on the Bitcoin core, but adds several new functions and features to it, such as: B. the consensus mechanism for the proof of use with the masternode network of over 200 validation colleagues for faster transaction speeds and data protection-capable transmissions (up to 10,000 transactions per second).

It also enables the Bitcoin mining community to be leveraged by providing a merge mining option that encourages both community members and developers to use and build on NEXT. This is made even clearer by an API integration for third parties.

NEXT.chain is not just for miners, but for the masses. Because of this, fees will always remain low and aliases will be an important part of the NEXT ecosystem, allowing users to send money to their contacts instead of long strings of random alphanumeric characters. In order to boot NEXT.chain and offer end users a seamless payment experience, NEXT.chain has partnered with PayAccept. PayAccept Allows anyone to easily step into the once daunting world of DeFi by acting as a fiat gateway that enables users to convert their fiat currencies into DeFI-enabled digital assets.

NEXT tokens will be based on classic governance aspects of blockchain technology to ensure longevity in the network and in the community, as NEXT token holders can suggest and vote on suggestions for improvement.

NEXT.chain announces Liquidity Stake Event

NEXT.chain is pursuing a milestone-based approach in its development, which initially focuses on the development and issuance of assets, the decentralized trading of these assets and the liquidity that enables automated market-maker transactions.

The simplicity of issuing assets on NEXT.chain attracts new and existing businesses looking for simple, smart financial contracts that are flexible, yet secure, and require a minimum of complexity and risk.

Projects can raise funds through a user-friendly interface to secure their liquidity and make their assets available for trading. The simplicity that the step-by-step development of NEXT.chain brings with it will inevitably attract new and existing projects to the platforms and easily integrate these communities into the NEXT.chain ecosystem so that it can grow organically.

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About NEXT.Chain:

NEXT.Chain was founded on April 23, 2019 and is part of a group of companies headquartered in the Netherlands, whose focus is on DeFi and blockchain technology. The group is currently in the process of obtaining an e-money license to set up a fiat-to-crypto gateway and provide cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms.

The NEXT.chain project is a new blockchain platform based on the security and simplicity principles of Bitcoin 2.0, concepts such as masternode technology, and offering companies user-friendly and implementable Web 3.0 functions. Solutions for DeFi.

About was founded in 2020 and is a DeFi-centric pre-sale platform with automatic listing and blocking of tokens for liquidity providers by Uniswap, with which DeFi projects can easily start and boot projects with verifiable blocking periods.




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