Reno to digitize Burning Man ‘Space Whale’ as NFT on Tezos blockchain


Reno, the city closest to the famous Burning Man arts festival, is developing its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a sign in collaboration with Tezos.

Mayor Hillary Schieve announced the city’s plans to create the Reno DAO in a podcast on Thursday’s Tez Talks hosted by the Tezos Commons Foundation.

The city will build Reno DAO and Reno Coin on top of the Tezos blockchain network to monetize art objects and pieces and further explore the potential benefits of blockchain and crypto to solve some of their biggest problems, Schieve said.

As part of the plan, the city is also planning to digitize Burning Man artworks in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. According to Schieve, the city of Reno will create their first NFT for the Burning Man space whale sculpture, a major festival artwork in Reno. The mayor said converting the artwork into an NFT would help the city monetize and support local art and serve as a starting point for the general rollout of crypto:

“Adoption will take a long time, we know that […] But at some point this becomes mainstream where citizens get it and I think you also have to run before you can run. There are really easy ways to get my community to use cryptocurrency to pay for sewage payments, for example. “

Theodore Clapp, a local Undergrad researcher who was involved in the initial design of the Reno DAO, chose the Tezos ecosystem to build the project. Clapp stated that Tezos was best suited for the DAO in terms of its resources and framework. “So I finally decided on Tezos,” said the researcher, explaining:

“I’m not biased, I’m not like a Tezos maximalist or anything. I just went to CoinMarketCap and went through the list to examine the different blockchains and technologies available and develop a DAO because I was trying to find the best platform for scalability, fees and long term sustainability. “