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Press release

PRESS RELEASE. Hathor Network ($ HTR, live on KuCoin) just released some exciting news: The detailed roadmap 2021.

Collaborative projects are priority and growing, especially as Yan Martins, CEO of Hathor, recently highlighted the relevance of Asian business development, with an emphasis on Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

Hathor has proven to be a very supportive platform, making announcements to launch a grant program for use case development. Currently the focus has been on HathorSWAP and other tokens, which can be easily created on the HTR wallet platform and also encourage users to HODL.

In Q2, the test network and the implementation of nano-contracts will become a reality. This is possibly the most anticipated feature in the HTR user base. As Hathor says, “This will be prototype season!”; New features and multiple product launches will unlock the potential for simple tokenization functions and cross-chain settlement that will be faster, safer and cheaper with the use of HTR NET. This leads Hathor CEO Martins to the fact that Hathor can potentially assist the Ethereum network in dealing with its excessive gas fees and delays, in other words removing transaction bottlenecks.

In this regard, too, there are considerable synergies in relation to the recently announced partnership with the Switzerland-based company HOPR, which offers HTR NET data protection technology and new transaction volumes. During this time, Hathor also researches and develops how DEFI and NFTs can be included and integrated.

From a structural point of view, Hathor is based on SHA 256 and enables BTC-oriented hardware to perform merge mining without jeopardizing operations or production output by using their side-DAG approach. So it’s a win-win for SHA 256 miners as well as the HTR user base.

Sufficient hashing performance capabilities and $ HTR token rewards motivate miners, which allows users to conduct fast transactions with no fees due to the novel Hathor side DAGs architecture based on the SHA 256 algorithm.

The $ HTR mining ecosystem has been strong for more than a year and will soon grow as Hathor’s CEO recently announced that an agreement with a large data center in Central Asia is taking shape again, another indication of its Asian relevance to the digital economy. Strong movements in hashing performance increase the security and agility capacities of the network.

With the announcements finalizing this week’s launch, $ HTR means serious business expanding its tech facilities and appears pleased with the impact of the KuCoin listing. According to analysis of artificial intelligence, HATHOR CEO Yan Martins is often one of the top 5 trend pairs. AI doesn’t lie ”, an indication of the interest in this new trend power in the crypto industry. One question remains: what about a next public listing? It appears that $ HTR is taking cautious steps and now that KuCoin is stable and the Chinese New Year holidays are over, the new listing talks should resume.

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