The Next Big Thing in DeFi

The Nimbus FinTech platform has amassed 50,000 users since its inception in 2019. The official launch of their new products, the Nimbus DeFi platform and the native utility token NBU, is scheduled for January 27, 2021. The Nimbus platform will be a comprehensive DAO driven ecosystem of four decentralized applications (dApps) based on DeFi and traditional finance best practices. In total, users can access more than 10 pools on a single platform operated with the NBU token. In addition, the platform should provide access to opportunities that ordinary people, even with fiat money, have never had before – such as participating in IPOs or financing startups.

Nimbus representatives stated: “The Nimbus Fintech platform has been operating for 50,000 people around the world since 2019. Switching to DeFi is a logical step in our company’s development strategy. Our new platform gives users all the tools they need in one place and eliminates the need to switch between native tokens. NBU is the only token that offers access to a range of unprecedented crypto opportunities, including more than 10 pools with transparent value creation mechanisms. “

The upcoming launch of Nimbus will be one of the most important events in the DeFi space. After the rise and tide of the crypto industry, interested attendees are flocking to the DeFi sector as the hottest ticket that will stabilize the economy. The appeal of Nimbus stems from the fact that they already have an excellent track record of delivering efficient blockchain-based financial instruments and are now looking to deliver even more, but in a decentralized environment. Their new platform aims to become a healthy, sustainable ecosystem with more than 10 different pools to meet the needs of each user. Everything in one place and accessible via just one token, with no additional fees or registrations.

It won’t be long before Nimbus becomes the next big player in DeFi. Although DeFi is growing much faster than before, the sector needs real use cases to become tangible. According to this assessment, Nimbus will make a significant contribution to the maturation of a decentralized economy. Early participants who see the potential of Nimbus for the future of finance have the best chance to make the most of the DeFi revolution.

As part of their roadmap for 2021, Nimbus will launch a series of 4 decentralized applications (dApps) including the P2P credit dApp, the Crypto Arbitrage Trading dApp, the Crowdfunding dApp and the IPO Hub dApp, as well as a system with three Nimbus token. Each has their own use cases and benefits for users. The first to start is NBU, the utility token that gives access to all Nimbus solutions. Users must be able to purchase it on the Nimbus platform starting January 27, 2021 from 8:00 a.m.CET.

Here is a little insight into the four decentralized applications that will make up the Nimbus ecosystem in the near future:

  • Crowdfunding dApp –It is important to note that participation in start-up stocks and crowdfunding in general used to be reserved for institutional investors and financial hoarders only. Something the general public couldn’t participate in until Nimbus was founded. Via the Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp and its unique pool mechanic, users around the world can now participate in start-up stocks and convertibles while maintaining the highest standards of accountability through smart contracts. The crowdfunding dApp is to be launched in QT1-QT2 2021.
  • IPO Hub dApp – This is one of the most unique offerings from Nimbus. With this futuristic IPO Hub dApp, owners of any amount of crypto can participate in IPOs. The platform eliminates the need to pay additional brokerage fees and enables users to take advantage of sophisticated valuation mechanisms and analysis in a single place. The IPO Hub dApp will be launched in QT2-QT3 2021.
  • P2P lending dApp – In contrast to other dApps, the P2P credit dApp from Nimbus offers users a range of multi-level credit and credit options based on a risk-adjusted criterion. In addition, the tool facilitates the location-based direct comparison of borrowers and lenders. The P2P credit dApp is to be introduced in QT1 2021.
  • Crypto arbitrage dApp – The Nimbus Arbitrage Trading Bot has been in use for almost a year and has successfully built a base of 50,000 users. Now, Nimbus is taking a step ahead and upgrading it to a decentralized crypto arbitrage trading application with innovative pool mechanics that enables risk reduction and allows users to optimize their rewards. The Crypto Arbitrage dApp will be launched in QT1-QT3 2021.

Nimbus is an ecosystem governed by the DAO, and this little phrase has a much greater meaning and appeal to the common people. To give you a better understanding of the importance of Nimbus for the DeFi space, here are a few considerations: All Nimbus tools are based on smart contracts. Not only can stakeholders become users of the Nimbus platform, they can also become co-creators with the right to vote on platform rewards, transaction fees, token distribution and issuance, etc. Users can access it through the Nimbus Governance token, which is set to be launched shortly after the NBU launches in QT1 2021.

In addition, only 10% of the Nimbus governance tokens may be given to the Nimbus organization. This approach ensures that decision-making does not fall into the hands of a central body and that the Nimbus platform is operated under the joint authority of all of its members. This is the true essence of DeFi. With the advent of nimbus, it is time for people to hold onto power.

With the deregistration, we wish a smooth sail for the official launch of the Nimbus platform and NBU token on January 27, 2021, and we welcome your efforts to create a restructured financial sector that will return power to the people.

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