Today 11:40 am EST: First Bitcoin Elite NFT Art Drop


Tonite is a special drop as it is the launch of the Bitcoin Elite NFT series which starts with a new creation over a VESA piece called The Foundation.

You can still join the session via

Alternatively, you can follow the live feed of the purchase and the auction of the 1/1 special on

The piece is called “The Foundation”.

It’s a 20-second mixed-media piece of art made in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto and the invention of Bitcoin. You can see the 21 version at the link below.

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This is a promo video about the entire Bitcoin Elite concept

NFT idea:

The universe is born from the concept of the “Genesis Egg” in the Finnish mythology of Kalevala. This work called The Foundation, which will be released tomorrow as the first piece with the launch of Bitcoin Elite, explores the eternal tension of creation, value, inevitable corruption, and return to value. In our recent postmodern era, we have tried to skew everything into language, to manipulate the universal law to suit our perception. Due to the invention of Bitcoin, we returned to the construction phase after deconstruction had sputtered us over the past few decades. Then a new era began for art, which we could call integralism.

The work stands with the original innovation discovery of mathematics that mathematics always existed and that we have just learned its language. In other words, math is not fiction, but a tool of discovery. Similarly, Bitcoin fights corruption by protecting it through a decentralized mathematical protocol that is more powerful than a single point of idealistic failure.

Since Bitcoin is likely to go down in history as one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the piece attempts to pay homage not only to Satoshi Nakamoto, but also the path that is now possible due to this genesis.

The work will fall as an edition of 21 and a special 1/1 version.

See you there,

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