Troubled NZ Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Suffers Another Hack in the Midst of Liquidation Process – Security Bitcoin News


Still controversial is a liquidated New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange that has allegedly been hacked again. In addition to the $ 30 million stolen in 2019, Cryptopia reports that it was the target of another theft on February 1, 2021.

Hackers have accessed a dormant wallet that contains XSN tokens

According to, the hackers took cryptocurrencies worth around NZD 62,000 (USD 45,000) from the problematic exchange. The warning first came from Stakenet, a US-based blockchain company.

The investigation found that hackers accessed a wallet that had been inactive since the hack in January 2019 when Cryptopia suffered a loss of over $ 30 million worth of crypto.

The wallet is owned by Stakenet and is controlled by Cryptopia’s liquidators Grant Thornton. According to the results, the dormant wallet contained around $ 1.96 million worth of XSN, Stakenet’s native mark.

A spokesman for the US blockchain firm commented on the matter as follows:

We had no prior warning of any intended move so of course we got in touch immediately [liquidator] Grant Thornton, who should have control of these assets and be responsible for returning them to their rightful owners.

In addition, the Stakenet spokesperson indicated that Grant Thornton should clarify how the incident happened and why they couldn’t prevent it:

If this unauthorized transaction took place under the supervision of Grant Thornton, they must explain to users why they did not secure … [their] Assets as they should be and how someone could access them.

Former employee charged with stealing over $ 182,000 on the stock exchange

Cryptopia’s liquidators were appointed in May 2019 to begin the process of closing the crypto exchange. As of press time, they have not publicly addressed the latest suspected hack.

But the series of problems does not seem to see an end to the crypto exchange. This incident occurred just months after a former employee allegedly stole over NZD 250,000 (US $ 182,300) in cryptos as well as customer data from Cryptopia. However, the New Zealand authorities managed to recover the stolen funds and return them to Grant Thornton.

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