Users haven’t mined Ether using a PlayStation 5 yet


While users may still be able to customize some game consoles for mining cryptocurrency, the evidence suggests that recent reports of a modified PlayStation 5 mining ether (ETH) are fake.

According to a report by the GizChina news agency, the Chinese software developer Yifan Gu has mined Ether with a PlayStation 5. According to the report, the developer may have overclocked the PS5’s AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Radeon GPU cards to achieve a mining hash rate of 98.76 megahertz per second, a screenshot from Gu showed the seemingly modified Hardware 211 watts of power required to run.

However, the screenshot shared by the alleged developer contained a QR code message indicating that the story was made for entertainment purposes: “There is no such software,” followed by laughter.

Source: GizChina

Sony first released the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, although the company announced that it would not make the console available to gamers in China until the second quarter of 2021. Given that the PS5 is in high demand around the world and the trip due to the pandemic, it would have been a bit of a surprise for a developer like Gu to receive and modify a console so quickly.

While individuals at home may still be able to mine crypto using modified PCs and game consoles or rigs purchased directly from mining companies, the power needs – and costs – in addition to certain risks, keep many from doing so. Some use high-end graphics cards as part of unique rigs to make the process seemingly more fun. There are already quite a few mining enthusiasts who have built portable farms in their cars.

Last year, 1st Playable developers denied rumors that one of its games could be used to hijack Nintendo’s Switch console to mine BTC.