Voyager Reports Multiple ‘Service Disruptions’ After Encouraging Users to Trade Dogecoin


The crypto trading platform Voyager has gone offline several times since Thursday due to the “immense running volume” after its official Twitter account sent out multiple tweets asking users to buy and trade Dogecoin (DOGE) on their app.

“We are still working on stabilizing our scalability and system upgrades,” said a tweet from Voyager. “We just wanted to keep you updated while we work on getting the system back online. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

At press time, Voyager’s support team was sending out at least four emails to its users addressing the service disruptions since the platform’s first tweet on Thursday via Dogecoin. In that first tweet, the trading platform asked users to tell their friends about Voyager with a link to instructions on how to buy and trade the exploding cryptocurrency.

Disgruntled users seem to have brought their dissatisfaction to Twitter as well. One user wrote: “Voyager is why I missed it [DOGE] this morning at 25%. I dug it until my bail kept getting denied. The thousands I missed bring much shame. “

A Voyager spokesperson did not respond to CoinDesk’s requests for comments.

In an email verified by CoinDesk from the Voyager support team on Thursday, Voyager claimed the service interruption was due to “an unexpected event due to a system upgrade.” Another email sent on Friday noted “immense running volume” from both “new accounts and trading”.

“All funds are safe,” said Friday’s email. “As we see these increases in volume, the Voyager app can go through regular maintenance periods to ensure that systems can operate efficiently during this surge in demand.”