XRP Gate is Open to Institutional Investors!

Anchorage Trust Company, one of the leading cryptocurrency storage providers, has announced that it has listed XRP in a recent release. By making this listing, Anchorage actually offered the opportunity for XRP storage to institutional investors and large funds and increased the use of XRP.

The company announced on April 2 that it offers not only storage solutions but also trading services via staking, airdrop and storage. Anchorage co-founder and President Diogo Monica said in a statement about the issue that XRP support is an important move.

There are also signals that the XRP storage service, which will only be offered to institutional investors, can be increased in the future, and that corporate investors’ XRP investments can be increased with additional functions. The founder stressed that the functionality offered by XRP can also be used for payment channels if customers request.

It is a great development that institutional investors, known as the group that brought the rise in the crypto money sector, have the opportunity to store XRP over a new platform.

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