5 Industries That Are Ahead of the Game with Cryptocurrencies

People should know is that the world is fast becoming digitized. Therefore, you cannot overlook the fact that cryptocurrencies are becoming a crucial part of transactions within the economies of the world. To put it simply, cryptocurrency attracts a lot of debate from people.

Most people are embracing and looking forward to the development of a cashless economy because of the conveniences that come with it.  Apart from making transactions stress-free, the payments are also made faster. The digital currency eliminates the need for intermediaries in transactions.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what is meant by the term cryptocurrency? The term stands for a digital currency that is anchored under blockchain technology. The currency is only used as a means of payment for those who undertake online transactions.

There are many cryptocurrencies used today. The most popular one is bitcoin. By using bitcoin, users can easily transfer their digital money from one wallet to the next.

Why do people love bitcoin? Despite its fluctuation, it continues to maintain its high value. Moreover, investors trust it because it has been used for long.

The second cryptocurrency example is Ethereum (ETH). Users love it because it enables fast transactions. Moreover, it eliminates the need for third parties, thus reducing the cost of digital transactions.

Are there other examples of cryptocurrencies? The others include Bitcoin Cash, which shares some characteristics with Bitcoin, XRP, and Litecoin.

What are the reasons that drive industries to use cryptocurrency?

Here are a few:

Enhanced data security

When you are doing online transactions, there are high chances of compromising your privacy. With cryptocurrency, there is no third party involved. The blockchain technology ensures that you are in control of your data.

What does that spell for industries? Businesses feel safe as they use cryptocurrencies to transact with their clients. The competitors have no way of stealing their details and use it against them.

The ease of doing international transactions

Many businesses are operating globally. When they transact money through banks or other intermediaries, there are hefty charges. The huge expenses negatively affect the profits realized by these companies.

International transactions through cryptocurrency can be done through peer-to-peer networks. That way, the complications in the transactions are reduced, leading to lower costs. International trade becomes easy.

It is attractive for new customers

In some cases, the use of other payment methods, such as credit cards, takes several days to be completed. It is not good for people who are in a hurry. In the process, people run away from them.

When using cryptocurrency, the funds are transferred immediately. This makes people comfortable with it and more willing to use it.

Above are the reasons that have led to increased use of cryptocurrencies in transactions despite the criticisms it faces. Many industries have taken advantage of the currency because of its benefits. Examples include:

Online Gaming Casinos

While traditional casinos are known to use money, most of them are now turning to the use of cryptocurrencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies in this industry is due to the fact the currency is not affected by the economic meltdown. It is a relatively stable currency.

Ignition Casino already avails many payment options for customers, including the use of cryptocurrency. Additionally, you receive periodic bonuses. For more information, look at this review.

If you are a gamer, you are not left behind either. There are popular currencies that are used in this industry, including the CVW chain. When you complete your game challenges, you receive payment in the form of cryptocurrency.

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Those who use cryptocurrencies as a store of value attract many controversies. As seen on Forbes, some individuals use cryptocurrencies to accumulate wealth by using the available loopholes to evade taxes. However, many charities accept cryptocurrencies.

The Pineapple Fund made the first high profile donation, and the contribution amounted to more than $50 million. This was in 2007. Over the years, donations made through cryptocurrencies have increased contributing towards solving different issues.

According to CNBC, UNICEF, a body that is known for charity deeds, now accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is obvious that the use of cryptocurrencies is spreading, and its use is not limited to specific areas.

Hotel Industry

As seen on Fox Business, many luxury hotels accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Through the online platforms, the exchange rates are set in a way that you can easily make the payment regardless of where you are. Moreover, the transactions are instant.

Do you want pizza but you do not have any money with you? You should not be worried about that anymore. In California, there is a joint called Pizzaforcoins which allows customers to make their pizza payments through Bitcoin.


If there is one industry that has often kept off the cryptocurrency discussion and use, it is the health sector. However, things have changed. It is due to the convenience that comes with this type of currency.

For instance, patients in hospitals based in Seoul, South Korea are allowed to pay their medical bills using cryptocurrency. The same thing happens in Poland. These examples show that the healthcare industry is already accepting cryptocurrencies for payments.


Banks have moved into cryptocurrency payments. Blockchain technology is being used in various areas within the financial services, including making international payments. According to Business Insider, the blockchain technology used in cryptocurrency transactions offers data security.

Hence safety is one of the benefits that the digital coins offer to the banking industry. Also, crypto transactions are fast and even international payments settle in real-time regardless of the time of the day. Besides, customers enjoy lower transaction fees.

Closing Remarks

Although people we previously skeptical about adoption, cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing in popularity. More industries are embracing their use in areas such as purchasing groceries, buying accessories, and even use in entertainment joints.

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Blockchain technology, which is the key system that underpins cryptocurrencies if widely adopted, could result in a long-lasting and meaningful impact on traceability, celerity, and cost of transactions, whether domestic or international.

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