Coinbase Card Now Supports DAI Stablecoin







Coinbase announced this week that Coinbase Card now supports the DAI stablecoin, providing card users with “a cryptocurrency with stable purchasing power.” In a blog post announcing the move, Coinbase asserted that the addition of DAI support provides consumers with even more opportunity and choice.

For customers wanting to spend crypto with less volatility, DAI could be the answer. DAI aims to always be worth one US Dollar, which offers more certainty to customers when picking up last-minute Christmas gifts, rounds of mulled wine for the office, and beyond.

Coinbase Card holders can now use their cards to spend BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BAT, REP, ZRX, XLM, and DAI. Just last month, the company announced that it had expanded cardholder operations to ten additional European nations, even as it expanded its cryptocurrency support from four to nine digital currencies.

Like traditional bank debit cards, the Coinbase Card can be used at millions of retail locations around the world, and allows users to spend funds from their Coinbase cryptocurrency wallets or even withdraw cash from an ATM.

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