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HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / Blockchain mining is a procedure to provide validation to every step in the transactions while we are operating on the digital currency such as Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. People involved here are known as “blockchain miners”. Miners verify and audit the previous cryptocurrency transactions to avoid the possibility of double-spending.

Mining involves two major functions, ‘securing’ and ‘verifying’ transactions and the creation of a new cryptocurrency. A miner needs a computer and other specialized software that will help them to solve complex mathematical problems faster than their peers. As one can imagine, this process requires an adequate amount of resources to help miners to maximize their earnings.

The main problem faced by miners is solving the mathematical puzzles that come with verifying transactions that need relatively large computational power to beat other miners and getting the block reward in account. This situation has let to mining being the preserve of large corporations that have an adequate budget and large computational power. Small businesses and individuals, however, are being badly affected due to rising costs.

Miny: The Mining solution

Miny is a cryptocurrency mining company, which is managed by a professional & entrepreneurial team of individuals. The company provides a simple and accessible way of earning passive income. Depending on the amount invested an individual can earn monthly returns of between 10 to 19 percent.

All users need to do to join is create a free wallet with Miny. Invest an amount and join a mining pool. The daily reward from the mining pool depends on the amount users hold in your mining pool.

Miny comes up with two solutions of related problem:

MINY cloud mining pool

To overcome the increasing difficulty of calculating mathematical equations different miners bring their resources together and share computational power for easier verification of transactions. The profits realized are shared proportionately among users depending on the balance that the users have in their Mining pool.


Miny has integrated AI into its mining operations to maximize profits. The algorithm used by the developers for monitoring and analyzing the current market conditions & creates a predictive analysis of the future. Using this AI algorithm the probabilities of cryptocurrency values is also derived.

Miny Token

Miny platform will launch a native token as a self-established cryptocurrency. The 50 million MINY Tokens will be issued at a starting price of $1. The 50 million MINY Tokens will be issued at an initial price of $1, with the entire amount fully covered by company assets and reserves.

All the profits generated will be distributed in MINY Tokens, which can then be immediately exchanged in BTC, LTC and ETH. However, it would be wiser to leave the profits in MINY Tokens, because every time a user exchanges his MINY Tokens, these tokens will are removed from the supply.

Designed with artificial scarcity, the amount of tokens is reduced, but has a fixed market cap of $50 million. Therefore, the value of the token will increase. The issue and removal of tokens of the supply will be completed when 10M tokens are left or 12 months after the launch of the Miny token.

12 months after the issue, MINY token will be used in:

1. Renting computational power at the MINY platform

2. As a medium of exchange when purchasing mining devices

3. Trading with other cryptocurrencies

4. Earning an attractive ROI once the tokens increase in value

Affiliate program

MINY offers multiple revenue opportunities to its users among which one is its attractive affiliate program. The multilevel program offers you commission for people joining through your referral. Individuals & recruits who join through your recommendation are added in your direct downline. A particular percent of referrals’ mining reward can be earned from each downline adding up to the 20th line.

Miny proposes a wealth distribution structure of returns by giving a fixed percentage proportional to the user’s balance in the Mining Pool. In the future, it will also offer mobile applications, equipment optimization, and many more concepts. Miny makes your investment more efficient, time-saving, and secure. Visit the official website for more details and education.

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