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There has never been a shortage of shady websites utilizing cryptocurrencies. Eat Da Rich is one of those ventures which appears to be on the border of collapsing altogether.

While the name sounds like an intelligent marketing stunt, this platform provides something else entirely.

Eat Da Rich Should be Avoided

It appears to be a service where customers can buy all kinds of services in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Those services and goods range from cheaper air travel to concert tickets, and everything in between.

It is even possible to purchase electronics and have them shipped to Amazon Lockers across the United States. 

Since all of these services and goods are provided at significant discounts, one has to wonder what is really going on.

It would appear Eat Da Rich is a platform utilized by criminals to make use of stolen credit cards.

In exchange for the services rendered, they only accept cryptocurrency payments for the tickets, flights, et cetera. 

In most cases, clients are asked to pick flights and events taking place within the next few days, seemingly to avoid credit card chargebacks.

Given how the Eat Da Rich website is seemingly offline – both the regular one and the Onion version – it would appear that this scam ring is falling apart at the seams.

It is not the first time criminals try to convert stolen credit card’s balances into cryptocurrencies.

Eat Da Rich is nothing new in this regard, yet one can only hope they didn’t collect too much funds. 

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