Expanding the frontier dynamics of the distributed economy, BitCherry to promote the global deployment of distributed e-commerce

From 5th to 20th September 2019, the world’s great blockchain projects gathered in Indonesia to promote the expansion of the frontier dynamics of the distributed economy as well as assisting the development of Indonesia’s blockchain technology. Bringing in their very own unique technology and applications into the six cities of Indonesia to carry out a roadshow. Among them, the world-leading distributed e-commerce BitCherry was invited to participate in the roadshow that starts from Brawijaya Malang, Teknologi Surabaya, Gadjah Mada Jogja, Telkom Bandung, Teknologi Bandung and to Atma Jaya Jakarta as their last stop of universities visit. Through exhibitions, lectures, seminars and other methods, they popularized the concept and future applications value of distributed e-commerce and shared the latest distributed commerce trend.


The high popularity of blockchain in Indonesia that is followed by a large gap of professional talents

In terms of blockchain applications, Indonesia is catching on very quickly and has been at the forefront of the world. Apart from being extremely active in the private market, blockchain technology has been officially recognized and supported as well. In 13th February 2019, the Indonesian Commodities and Futures Trading Regulatory Authority (BAPPEBTI) issued Ministerial Regulation No.5/2019 on the implementation of physical markets for crypto assets in futures exchanges. It regulates crypto assets that could be traded as well as mechanisms for crypto asset trading, from the opening of accounts and fund saving. Besides, it also clarifies the legal responsibilities of traders and improves the security system for individual cryptographic assets, which means that Indonesia’s blockchain crypto-asset market is officially recognized and is gradually formalized. Currently, Indonesia has established a National Blockchain Center to guide and promote the development of blockchain technology. The Indonesian central bank also fully applies blockchain technology for cross border financing and remittances and is committed to developing more financial services. Blockchain technology has been widely applied to the main areas of Indonesia’s national economic ecology and will have broader development prospects in the future.

Considering the rapid promotion of blockchain technology and applications, its proper education is still insufficient among the Indonesian society and there is an urgent need for professionals who understand the application and development trend of blockchain technology. All of these could be evident through the last visit from BitCherry to the six universities in Indonesia whereby none of the universities could independently conduct blockchain technology-related courses. There is also a lack of comprehensive understanding of the global digital economy development and its applications. Based on this background, BitCherry will collaborate with other excellent blockchain projects to enter the Indonesian universities, share the frontier dynamics of the distributed economy with the Indonesian society, grasp the core factors of the digital economy era, and helping blockchain talents in the digital age of Indonesia to cultivate the future ecology of distributed e-commerce.


A future oriented BitCherry to promote the global deployment of distributed e-commerce

The Indonesian central bank expects that the total amount of online transactions in Indonesia will reach 130 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. The e-commerce industry has undoubtedly become the top outlet in Indonesia’s domestic market and has great potential for development. As the world first distributed e-commerce network, BitCherry is committed to empowering the traditional retail services with blockchain technology, creating a new shared super e-commerce ecology, and promoting the digital transformation of the Indonesian economy.

Due to the existence of monopoly, behavioral fraud, information imbalance, and other issues in the current centralized Internet e-commerce, Indonesian users gradually lose their trust in centralized e-commerce. Here, BitCherry distributed e-commerce concept will bring in more new opportunities for e-commerce in Indonesia. On BitCherry platform, the information of e-commerce platform, businesses, and consumers are stored in distributed storage, it allows platform participants to browse and obtain information that is inclusive of merchant behavioral fraud information, which can effectively avoid behavioral fraud and information imbalance. BitCherry itself will eventually become a huge traffic pool, pool resources, create a benign ecology that shares the benefits of consumers, platforms, and businesses. Indonesia has 260 million people and a wide range of markets, e-commerce is in a rising period of development, BitCherry distributed e-commerce will also help the Indonesian e-commerce industry to get rid of the predicament of the current centralization, facing the development of the digital economy era, and promote the global layout of the distributed e-commerce industry.

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