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We recently released our own loyalty token – the MinerGate token.

It is the sign that we believe will empower all parts of the MinerGate ecosystem and positively involve the community in the life of the project.

In gratitude for their contribution, some tokens have already been sent to the most active users. There were also a lot of questions about “How can I get more / additional tokens?” Of course there is more to come, but currently there are two options:

  • Trade and keep trading them HitBTC, EOSDAQ, BTEX, and DEXES;;
  • Become a voice from MinerGate e.g. B. Become a contributor.

The added value of everyone User matters, whether it’s feedback on social platforms or new user engagement. What is most valued, however, is our contribution to consistently making our services better, better known and more inviting.

To give an example, we reached out to one of our contributors: a moderator of a chat room on our website – @NMR, who has implemented an informative bot in our chat rooms, and asked him to share his experiences and inspire those who want get more involved in the MinerGate ecosystem. Below is the interview with our loyal moderator:

Q.:: How long have you been using MinerGate? What do you like most about it?

A: I started MinerGate a long time ago when cryptocurrencies weren’t that common. What I like most about MinerGate is how easy it is to start mining: everything is simple and clear.

Q.:: What do you think should be changed or developed in MinerGate?

A: To make MinerGate more convenient, I would introduce account statistics. These statistics show information about how many employees are online, how many are currently offline, and how many coins are being earned each day.

Q.:: How did you become a moderator in the MinerGate community? What are your responsibilities and privileges?

A: I became a moderator because I was an active user helping other people in the community solve their problems and answer their questions. As a moderator, I don’t have any privileges, but it helps me resolve conflicts and inappropriate situations.

Q.:: How did you come up with the idea of ​​introducing a chatbot? What is the main benefit of a chatbot?

A: When I analyzed the questions of new MinerGate users, I found that they are all pretty much the same. Therefore, I have prepared answers to these questions in advance that will be helpful in such situations. That’s how I came up with this idea. The main advantage of a chatbot is that it can help a user at any time of the day. It would never replace live communication between real people, but it can be an excellent assistant to presenters.

Q.:: What is the main feature of the MinerGate community? As a moderator, how can you influence the community and MinerGate yourself?

A: For me it was important not only to find a pool to mine a coin that I like, but also to have reliable and stable service. If there is a problem with MinerGate, the team is always ready to resolve it quickly. The other thing I like about MinerGate is the web chat because it improves user coordination on the website.

Q.:: You recently received MG tokens for starting a chatbot as a thank you for your contribution. Do you already have plans for how you are going to use them?

A: MG tokens are only available for a limited time, so I’ll just hold.

Q.:: What do you like besides mining? What are your hobbies?

A: In my spare time I learn new technologies and improve my programming skills.

Q.:: What advice would you give other miners?

A: Many miners don’t want to go into the details of mining because they think it’s complicated. This causes them to lose interest. I think before I start mine it is better to understand the breakdown process. Then you are prepared for all risks and can make profits.

We’d like to thank @NMR again for taking the time to interview and for being a fantastic part of the MinerGate community.

Finally, you can visit our at any time Chat room If you have any questions or are curious about things related to mining and the software itself. There you will find like-minded people willing to help and kind support.

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