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TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2020 / After the second president of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoev came to the government, there have been noticeable changes on many aspects of the country’s economy, especially in Innovations.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity at a very rapid speed and at the same speed the whole world is getting digitalized. With this, it is highly worth to consider cryptocurrency as the main or one of the payment options. Mangu is one of the innovative projects that are in operation since the year 2018 in Uzbekistan with an initial goal of developing e-currency as well as the digital economy. The platform has been designed for easy trading in Central Asia. The entire platform is built on the blockchain to avoid all sorts of lengthy transactions and similar problems that come with Fiat money. All the settlements, as well as service deliverance, will be paid with the help of MNGUZ token. This will assist in avoiding commission and conversions. It is extremely profitable and rapid. This project was one of the best tools for the development of a digitally innovative world and assist in getting rid of poverty among mankind. This was the motivation for the founders of the project.

With the starting of December, MNGUZ will be listed on Coinsbit exchange that supports cryptocurrencies and market trading pairs. On October 17, 2020, Mangu public sale took place on VinDAX as well. Along with many other exchanges like IndoEX, p2pb2b, Finexbox, Latoken, Coinlim, Hotbit, Whitebit, OKEX have been providing a listing proposal. Till March 2021, the tokens will get listings on EXMO and by end of the year 2021, it will be listed on Binance.

In a short period, because of increased activity along with investors request, its exchange was created that will help investors in trading on this currency. The exchange rate also started rising along with the rise in daily turnover. Individual holding MNGUZ tokens will get an opportunity for travelling to Uzbekistan, which is one of the beautiful countries in Central Asia. Traders can easily travel all around Uzbekistan by making a payment with MNGUZ at exchange price. The main goal of Mangu project was for:

  • Developing a market for selling unique products as well as branded items in Central Asia.
  • A single market for facilitating the sale of all unique product as well as branded items in whole Central Asia.
  • Creating a delivery system for goods present within Central Asia.
  • Making E economy in Central Asia and lessening money transfer fees from 8% to .1%.
  • Developing a cashback system but because of no development of the sales methodologies, the system is not yet studied in Central Asia.
  • Development of a good tourism relationship with different cultures.

Some of the best advantages of Mangu Innovation are:

  • It is one of the unique projects that have touched several sides of the trading business. Some of the advantages of this project are
  • Shopping made easy: It is possible to buy products and its delivery with the help of its cryptocurrency.
  • Token storage: The MNGUZ token gets its support from the official ETH wallet. It is very fast as well as convenient.
  • Profit: The cryptocurrency is consistently growing in its value. The project is present in the exchanges. It is very easy to exchange the token for any Fiat currency or any other kind of cryptocurrency.
  • Highly convenient: The project allows for instant sales and purchases and the delivery is through the blockchain.
  • There are no competitors of it in the whole Central Asia and the project has an audience of about 50000 active users for about 3 years.
  • There is also available one advertising platform for placing an ad that too free of cost.
  • Once the release of the blockchain system is done, every investor will obtain forked coin at the same quantity.

A trader can purchase the tokens from exchange as well as, which is the first cryptocurrency platform in Central Asia. It is possible to sell the tokens on VinDAX, Coinsbit exchange or one can benefit by renting the tokens for other brands on

The token is now located on ETH platform and is supported by the official wallet of blockchain. The two vital characteristics of this token are that it does not get reissued and is not burned.

In future MNGUZ, is going to bring huge positive outcomes and it needs the active presence and hard work of all investors. It is a wise decision to invest in this innovative and lucrative project. Mangu is providing a platform which is very easy to use, based on blockchain technology, allows registration for both the users as well as the buyers and is has well affordable logistics. Its main focus is to consolidate products within the platform. Depending on the capabilities and needs of the project, the roadmap for future achievements has been prepared and it keeps the potential to reach new heights. It will completely eradicate the traditional method of mutual settlements along with trade turnover.

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